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Anjuli G.

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I saw [Sep. 14th, 2016|07:26 pm]
Anjuli G.
I saw the most beautiful native today on my drive home.
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2014|09:16 am]
Anjuli G.
Sicky sick for the holidays. It's that heavy phlegmny coughy sinus congestion kind. 
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Doing that... attempting that... [Dec. 20th, 2014|02:10 am]
Anjuli G.
100 favorite thing shit survey again.

1.) Food?
Mediterranean, honeyed things, the creamier of cheeses, curries, macho nachos.... which i just now made up. i imagine it would just be erin's loaded nachos, but with a moustache.
2.) Restaurant?
I like that place Jason took me to wher I ate the rabbit and then felt bad because soon after I bought my sister a pet rabbit. Mcmenamins of course... idk. Just wherever.
3.) Non-alcoholic beverage?
4.) Alcoholic beverage?
Screech & Cider
5.) Song?
Currently that George Ezra song where I think he's just making sound effects but is actually saying "I'd leave it all...". And Sips' "Big Girl".

6.) Band?
Trans Siberian Orchestrizzle. . . I drew a blank on bands and this is what came up. I think it is now a brilliant answer.
7.) Concert that you've been to?
And And And, and the No Tomorrow Boys where I got hit with a sign and a flying drum stick... this again... i couldn't locate that clarity, warm fuzzy you are of this earth and are being enlighted by this vibe feeling... i went with pain. Being pelted from stage is memorable.

8.) Season?
70 Degrees.
9.) Holiday?
If there is a day for burnt toast. I will go with that.
10.) Day of the week?
Today I like thursdays.

11.) Time of day?
Not the morning. But mid morning suits me just fine. I feel it has the most potential. You just had breakfast and you're looking forward to lunch.
12.) Color?

13.) President?
14.) Sport?
I want to see some lacrosse or some other shit like that. Or people and their drinking games.
15.) Hobby?
Self loathing
16.) Animal?
Love, Zucchi and Mondo.
17.) Number?
18.) Board game?
I want someone to get me super fight. I enjoyed that game.
19.) Computer game?
20.) Drinking game?
I'm not familiar with these.
21.) Book?
I liked the Maze Runner stuff this year. And I'm enjoying the book theif. and though i consider myself a big fan of miss day. i don't know if i'm going to pre order her book.
22.) Poem?
I like to look back on my old attempts at song writing.
23.) Musical?
I'm interested in seeing Kinky Boots and Into the Woods.
24.) Tv show?
American Horror Story.
25.) Ice cream flavor?
I would go with coffee for the moment.
26.) Genre of music?
27.) Female singer?
I've been enjoying Fatai's Facebook clips.
28.) Male singer?
The YogsCast.
29.) Instrument?
30.) Future career?
what a dismal thought.
31.) Pastime?
Laying in my nest of a bed, being warm, reading and writing.
32.) Animal?
Today Koalas because I found a koala earring.
33.) Pet?
34.) Language?
I like accents.
35.) Historic monument?
When starbuck saw the skeleton starbuck on battlestar. That is some important history. Real life shit.
36.) Country you've been to?
the philippines. as much as i hate saying that it's sort of important and gross to me at the same time.
37.) State you've visited?
38.) Vacation spot?
What is vacation? I just really like my bed.
39.) Amusement park?
See, i haven't done much of this. The only one I can say I've been to is Oak's Park... and i've lost so much shit there it is not amusing.
40.) Actor?
Benedict Cumberbach. Because all the ladies loves him.
41.) Actress?
Amy Adams. Because I want to buy that movie Enchanted.
42.) Comedian?
Jason is pretty funny.
43.) Joke?
I like banter.
44.) Magazine?
I think the last one that I bought was NYLON years ago.
45.) Store?
46.) Designer?
the people behind pendleton. or is that someones name.
47.) Jeans brand?
Levi's and Jessica Simpson haha. It's true.
48.) Perfume/cologne?
Beyonce - Heat
Eucalyptus and Lavender
49.) Jewelry that you own?
Druzy ring. Hexagon ring. Citrine pendant. My scapular. Hamsa earrings. Citrine earrings.
50.) Pair of shoes?
Adidas Gazelles. Borne brand. I like the wedges I have. I seem to have multiple pairs of fucking sketchers. I hate that they are sketchers. But I also wear them often.
I'm already tired of this. At least I got half. I know in the past i've done this before and i'd do a few a day. or do that i'll update later and never do.

it is a fun growth thing to see... how much changes.

i have a headache. I don't want to go to bed but i should. i miss mondo and my fatima blanket. i keep talking about a weighted blanket but i never get around to making one. I think that it would help me sleep if i have to sleep at other places.

i don't know if i have enough money for january for all the health expenses i'm going to have. sometimes i feel like i can't put enough away into my savings because it's true!

i want to go to ulta tomorrow. i want the presents for jasons family to be done tomorrow, wrapping and buying and what have you. i want to finish applying for health insurance tomorrow. i want to just be better tomorrow because i have that angry lame feeling.

but i write in here when i have that feeling, and i like when i write on lj. so maybe it's ok.

gawd i reallly don't want to go to bed. i want my blanket. i'm cold and it is comforting.

i need to drink more water. i want my pillow too. i want my house already.

jason was watching rosanne and jackie went to a seminar and it was about vizualisation. i just have to do that. do you like how i spelled that shit, haha. i pronounced it in my head like that, so it's spay-elled like that, bro-bro.
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2014|07:37 am]
Anjuli G.
i hate social media in the morning.
i don't like things i don't want to hear. like questions, in the morning.

i often wake up thinking of anxiety inducing, stressful, effing irritatings things right when i wake up. i don't need to see your stupid faces and be privy to your effing voice.

i've only gone as far as to have certain 'good mood', 'uplifting' songs as my alarms to curb my feelings for wanting to punch everyone in the throat.
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lately [Dec. 9th, 2014|12:17 am]
Anjuli G.
i've been having strong bursts of anger.
i hate so much it's incredible.
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understatement. [Aug. 7th, 2014|09:43 pm]
Anjuli G.
there are just some things that i don't understand.
and then i get stuffy or puffed up or upset and in the certain mood in which one wants to break all things within arm's reach.
and then usually i'm hungry and i get mad at myself for being hungry when i feel like i should be feeling feelings. it's quite the cycle.

there has been a lot of talk i don't like.
a place i used to be able to escape to is now tainted with the presence.

work, its fine. they've instated a bag check upon exiting the building. and it makes me feel so guilty for some reason. all that's happened is i've accidentally taken home pens or box cutters but i bring them back as soon as i'm back at work!

i have an inner panic that i cannot fathom.

there is no place for a rabbit here. i may just have to haul stuff out of the garage...

but fuck!

the things i don't like....
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questhelper [Jul. 22nd, 2014|05:45 pm]
Anjuli G.
i've just gone through an entire 70 page college ruled notebook filled with notes about wow. vent info, quest info. i didn't realize that i had kept track of everything before there was the achievement pane. i had coordinates for quests an i even did my stat math in there. this was before all the fancy websites. i'm kind of impressed. i'm about to go through another one. 
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...sweet mouth on you baby [Jul. 13th, 2014|10:26 pm]
Anjuli G.
i buzz around you like a bee.
you're so dark and full of honey...

it's one of those nights. it's bad.

but i think i have less material possessions than this time last year. that's sorta cool.
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eyy dooo [Jun. 3rd, 2013|09:42 pm]
Anjuli G.
idk what the deal is. i'm feeling very antsy. very unsettled. but i gotta calm down. i have to wake up early. maybe it was that coffee.
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apps [Jun. 3rd, 2013|08:11 pm]
Anjuli G.
so i got a newer phone. but i can't get a working lj app for it. but i guess i don't need an app. i haven't tried just going to the site itself from my phone.

many things on my shoulders. ridiculous petty, petty things.

we have inspection tomorrow at work. i'm not sure how my attitude should be about it. i finally got some cheap pairs of black jeans. i'm supposed to wear dark pants tomorrow. and these ones that i got won't give me that funny belly ledge.

i found i've become insecure about larger women......

i found out an ex will be there. so you shouldn't go there. for the purpose of sparing me more ridiculous petty jealousy. but i understand it could be beneficial for you.

i pulled out a chunk of my closet to find a pair of shoes, that i don't think i really like anymore. i wore them to work today.

i've been having foot pain. more specifically the right pinky. it's like the nail got smashed. so it's shape is different. and it causes some mild soreness.

the bug scars on my legs are insane. it will probably take another couple years for it to clear up if i don't get attacked again.

i've been working on getting health insurance again. it's not working. the paper work they want, i don't have it. i brought a folder of things i need to go through with me to work today. and a few other days. but i can never seem to get to it during my lunch. and i have an hour lunch.

purge purge purge... my things, my clothes, dvds. it needs to happen. i've donated loads maybe 3 full car loads this year of stuff. i'm not sure where it's all coming from.

everyone is on a quest to feel cool. i feel like, i've been struggling with that. also, i've been feeling a lot of dread. so i take this to mean, that my health is off.... which sounds like an excuse, because it probably is one. sugar has re-entered my life by way of carbonated beverages. it's making me flabbier that i'd've thought. it's also breaking me out... or that could be from the heat and the sweating.

i want to catch another memories show.

i'm still haunted slightly. evening tones and temperatures, street lights and sloped streets kicking up dust in the locked cages of those times. sickening.

the question 'do i feel whole' came to mind.

it was probably from a shitty movie but the cop said 'could you live without her? because if you think you can.  you should forget her..." i feel as if i could live without many, and agree with myself to endure whatever pain may come... but i don't think that's what he meant. my honest answer would be that i don't know.

in church, it's not a 50/50 toss up if i'll cry. i'm more likely to silently shriek out tears because of how lame and lost i feel i constantly feel.

i haven't had any jamz. the moving force of music hasn't overcome me in a long time. does this mean i'm disconnected?
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